Monday, August 5, 2013

Abandon XICOM TECHNOLOGIES, they are cheaters!!

I was ripped off by XICOM TECHNOLOGIES, a company of cheaters. DO NOT EVER USE THIS VENDOR!! Though the company has top rating in Elance, but it is absolutely incompetent. They only completed 20% of my project within the time we have agreed upon. The developers and designers are completely incompetent.

It is highly disappointing to come across such companies. I was so enthusiastic about the project, but after this experience, I am now afraid of trusting any company or developer based in India. It is not always about the monitory loss, the biggest issue is the scarcity of well abreast developers at a decent price. And XICOM TECHNOLOGIES has proved that there is no cheap labour. They made a hole in my pocket and served me with peanuts. Disgusting!!!   

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