Thursday, September 5, 2013

Xicom scam! DO NOT outsource to them

Xicom made it clear to me why outsourcing is a risky job. When you’ll go to their website, you’d feel that they carry rich experience in the field of web development and designing. But those entire things written there are nothing but hoax. The truth is they are cheater in disguise. They would lure you with their attractive prices, and when you’ll agree with them to bring on the project to life, they would betray you in such a way so that you don’t have any other option other than paying more money to them so that they can clear their own crap which they have created purposely. DO NOT outsource them, and if you have already done it, then roll back the project right away, else they’ll loot you sooner.     

Friday, August 30, 2013

Xicom Technologies Scams: Xicom technologies is a worthless firm

Xicom Technologies Scams: Xicom technologies is a worthless firm: Xicom is a worthless web development firm. Though one of my known, suggested me the company, but I wish I would have not listened to him. ...

Saturday, August 10, 2013

A True Xicom Review – They are most incompetent of all

Xicom is the most incompetent we development company we have ever came across. At the first place, we paid off lots and lots of dollars so that they can develop an ecommerce website. Next, spent several extra bucks to ensure that they can solve their own errors (including spelling errors to countless coding faults). Once they were unsuccessful to finish the project even after a many weeks after the due date, we left an adverse review on a website. The ruthless guys of Xicom called up and intimidated us. However, we decided not to take off the review Xicom technologies scam, and these scoundrels hacked into our website and also shut it down during one of the most active days of the year for us. Fortunately the web hosting company traced the attack back to them therefore we are able to seize lawful measures. The most unskilled and also incompetent company we certainly have actually found so far. Would never outsource back again. I cannot think that a professional company could actually act like this or even be this pathetic.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Abandon XICOM TECHNOLOGIES, they are cheaters!!

I was ripped off by XICOM TECHNOLOGIES, a company of cheaters. DO NOT EVER USE THIS VENDOR!! Though the company has top rating in Elance, but it is absolutely incompetent. They only completed 20% of my project within the time we have agreed upon. The developers and designers are completely incompetent.

It is highly disappointing to come across such companies. I was so enthusiastic about the project, but after this experience, I am now afraid of trusting any company or developer based in India. It is not always about the monitory loss, the biggest issue is the scarcity of well abreast developers at a decent price. And XICOM TECHNOLOGIES has proved that there is no cheap labour. They made a hole in my pocket and served me with peanuts. Disgusting!!!